Seller + Buyer

Don’t leave your legacy to chance.

We understand that dental transitions may be overwhelming and complex. Here at True North Transitions, we offer our dental and legal expertise to help our clients through the transition process. Whether it is a Practice Sale, Buy-In, or Buy-Out, our philosophy for a successful dental transition strives for a happy seller and buyer.

Our comprehensive Three-Step Process helps ensure your transition is smooth, efficient, and successful.

Selling Process


Visualize your future, identify leasing & construction, and find real estate opportunities.


Identify the right buyer, the right financing, the right contract terms, and complete the closing of your practice.


Provide counsel for the owners and staff to ensure continuity of care and a successful/effective practice.

Our Sales Strategy

To create successful transitions, the seller needs to be comfortable letting go of their practice, and the buyer must believe, regardless of the sales price, that they are buying a valuable practice. To help the buyer, we use the following sales strategy:

We research demographic and population statistics to demonstrate the value of your dental practice. We work with our marketing partners to create a plan for the buyer to grow the practice after the purchase. We help the buyer connect with our network of business professionals to assist them in running their new practice efficiently and successfully.

Are you ready to sell your practice?

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Find the right practice for you.

Are you thinking of buying an existing dental office? Our True North Transitions team aims to assist you in evaluating the right dental practice that fits your professional values and guide you through the essential steps to have a smooth sales process. We are here to help you make informed decisions and perform thorough appraisals.

Buyer Strategy

Everything will start with discussing goals, both personal and family. WEe will help you find the "Right Practice" to buy. The location and type of practice are critical to your long-term success.

True North Transitions works with dentists to protect the form of ensuring that the practice you are buying is healthy and will be successful after the purchase and that you are legally protected throughout the transition.

We will work with you on legal representation and negotiation throughout the sales process. Financing partners, leasing negotiations, and remodeling/construction help are recommended for your consideration. Counseling with staff, OSHA training, HR and Policy manuals, marketing, and expanding clinical services help ensure your success.

Finding the “Right Associate”

In order to grow your practice, you need the "Right Associate" that will take your practice to the next level.

Our team here at True North Transitions has the knowledge and network to locate high-quality associate dentists. We will help you identify compatible personality traits, find the right associate, and draft your associate agreement.

Buy-in or Buy-out?

Adding a partner, selling to an associate, or transitioning your practice can be challenging to manage. From finding the “right person” to preparing your buy-sell agreement, purchase agreement, and bill-of-sale, True North Transitions has the dental and legal expertise to guide you through the process.

Practice Formation

Finding a location, purchasing equipment, hiring staff, and forming your professional corporation or limited liability company are just a few of the literally thousands of tasks necessary to start your practice. True North Transitions is here to help you jump through all the dental and legal hoops necessary to form your next dental practice.


True North Practice Transitions understands that an accurate, fair, and transparent appraisal is essential to a practice transition, insurance review, or estate planning. Our practice valuation process includes a comprehensive review of your practice’s financials, personnel, and patients to help you determine a fair market value.

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